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We're so excited to have the opportunity to shoot your upcoming engagement session.  Your photographer will be getting in touch with you soon to find a time that works great for both of you... if they haven't already!

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Your photographer will work with you to find a great location for your engagement session.   

Punctuality & Duration

The engagement session includes one hour of photography.  Your time is extremely valuable to us, and we want to give you the best product possible.  Time and light are very valuable assets.  Make sure you are ready to go at your location by the time you have scheduled with your photographer.  An overtime charge of $150 per hour may be assessed if you are late to your shoot, and your shoot goes over time.  Our team members cannot guarantee their availability for overtime. This also applies to wedding day.  You will receive 75+ fully-edited photos ready for digital download.  Full printing rights included.


  1. Best lighting is “golden hour”, about an hour before sunset. Aim for around that time to get those dreamy tones you love.

  2. Nothing to be nervous about! Your photographer will guide you through everything - Think of it as a fun date night being captured for you to re-live!

  3. When choosing what to wear, always stay true to who you are as a couple.



  1. Coordinate, don't match.

  2. Choose one fancier outfit and one casual outfit (avoid shorts for guys).

  3. Avoid stark white, neons or extra bright colors. Stick to neutrals/earth tones (creams, charcoals, softer versions of stark colors) - they will look good in any location and age well. 

  4. Avoid multiple patterns (plaid with stripes, stripes with polka dots) and instead do one pattern with a solid. Avoid thin stripes or mesh (they can warp on camera).

  5. Make sure you like the way you look from the front, the side, and behind.

  6. Avoid large logos, baseball caps, and transition lens glasses. All of these things can be distracting in the photo.

Just so you are aware of turnaround time, you're guaranteed to have your engagement photos within 30 days.  Feel free to reach out to me or your photographer at any time with any questions you have!

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