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selecting songs for your wedding video

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Songs make such an incredible impact on the feel of your wedding video!  They set the tone for the clips, evoke emotion, and add even more personality to the story of your big day.  If you would like to, we would love for you to choose the songs that will make this video truly yours.  We also give you the option of deferring the selection to our amazingly talented editing team.  They have a lot of experience with wedding videos and can choose songs that will compliment the video clips of your big day.  It's up to you!  


Whichever route you choose, just be aware that copyright laws are very strict regarding the use of music in wedding videos. 

We must be able to purchase a license to all of the songs we use in your video.  In order to help with this process, we have subscriptions to five different music sites from which you may select your songs. You don't need to download anything, just let us know what you decide!  You can list your song selections or indicate that you'd like the editors to choose for you on your Wedding Details Page. Here you can also list any other info that you would like us to share with the editors.


The number of songs you choose depends on the length of your coverage:

   4+ hrs of video coverage =  6+ min video  |  2 songs 

  6+ hrs of video coverage =  8+ min video  |  3 songs

  8+ hrs of video coverage = 10+ min video |  4 songs

    10+ hrs of video coverage = 12+ min video |  4-5 songs



  • fyrfly  ~  If there is a pink "P," that song has an additional $39 charge to license it.
    NOTE: For some reason, the pink "P" only shows up when viewing the songs on the computer so please be sure to double check on a computer whether your song choices from Fyrfly have a Premium charge.

  • musicbed  ~  If there is a crossed out dollar sign, there is an additional $59 charge to license that song.

You might find inspiration by looking at other client videos we have created.

Below are playlists for additional ideas. 

  • For the beginning soundtrack, we recommend something in the "Instrumental Love" category.  These are slower and have a sentimental/romantic feel.  Instrumental is best here because lyrics can be distracting during this portion of the video, and there is often recorded audio of vows or reading letters.  Lyrics tend to "fight" recorded audio and make listening to your vows or letter reading difficult.

  • For the ending soundtrack, an upbeat, fun song fits well - this one can have lyrics, but it can also be instrumental.

  • If your wedding video will have 3-4 songs, we recommend selecting a transition song that bridges the beginning and ending soundtrack.

  • If the song listed below is on Fyrfly, it's necessary to search for it because that website won't link to specific songs.

As you are listening to the songs, keep in mind....



transition songs

If your coverage time is 8-10 hours, you'll need one transition song.
If your coverage time is 10+ hours, you'll need two transition songs.
We can vary the order of the songs.  For example, you may want to start the video with a lyrical love song
and then use an instrumental love song as the second song. It's okay too if you choose a song from each
category and ask the editing team to choose the best order.


we are happy to help

We are happy to help with any questions you have about the song selection process.  Just to keep it simple, here are the steps:

  1.   Know the # of songs you need to select

  2.   Think about where you want recorded audio in your video

  3.   Think about the overall feel you want for your video

  4.   Listen to different song options

  5.   Choose your songs

  6.   Go to your personal Wedding Details Page, find the song section down at the bottom, and click on the "Select Song" button to add each song.  You can also put any notes about the songs in the "Special Instructions" field.

If you'd like to have our editors choose songs that flow well with your footage, you can select that as an option.

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