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how to download your videos

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Downloading your edited videos is simple. We send you the direct download link in your video delivery email. Click on that link(s) and you can then just download from there directly to your computer or a flash drive. 

The best way to download your RAW video footage so that you will have it saved is to purchase an inexpensive flash drive. These can be found on or other retailers.


Here is an example of what to look for:


128GB is most often enough space to download your footage. If you only have photos to download then you won’t need as much storage space. 


Once you have the flash drive, follow the link to your footage that you received in your final delivery email. 


(I am on a PC so this may look a little different on a MAC but the steps should be basically the same.) 

You should have received all of your RAW video clips that your videographer captured for you in separate file (link in your email). In this folder you should see all your clips. If you had the external audio add on you should also see an Audio folder in this file. 

Screenshot 2022-11-07 102317.jpg

To download all of your RAW video clips and Audio, click on the Download button.


You will see a message that your folder is downloading.

NOTE: You may see some different file types in your raw video folder. The XML files don't need to be downloaded. Those are just meta data files and not anything that you need. If you have MXF files and are having trouvle viewing those files, I recommend downloading a VLC player 64 bit which is an open source software that can work with most formats. It's available online for free. Here's the link.

If you are running into issues downloading your footage we do have the option to make you color-corrected raw video reels. We will organize all the raw footage (usually 3 reels) so you can watch all the clips continuously instead of individually. This also makes it much easier to download all the footage because you do not have to download each individual clip. The cost of this is $100. You can see an example of these reels at the bottom of our video options page HERE.


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