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media delivery guide

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we're so excited for you to enjoy your media!

This page will help you know what to do with each of your media links

and answer common questions about how to download, print, and share.




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Digital Photo Gallery

Your final, edited photos are all arranged and delivered in your personal Pixieset Gallery.  There is so much you can do with this link!

  • Share - Send this link to all of your family and friends so they can see your beautiful photos!  You can also post your favorites on social media!  Don't forget to tag us!

  • Print - Choose your favorites, add them to your cart, and you can order professionally printed photos directly from your Pixieset album and they will deliver them right to your door!  (You also retain the printing rights to your photos, so if you prefer to have them printed someplace else, you are free to do that!  We definitely recommend finding a professional lab.  In-store printing services often have inconsistent quality, and we want you to have the best!)

  • Download your Photos - We highly recommend that you download your whole album, right away.  You can save them to your hard drive, a cloud storage account, or a flash drive.  We don't have plans to delete your edited photos anytime soon, but it's always best to have your own copy of these precious memories!  Make sure to choose the "High Resolution" size so that you have the highest quality files.  The "web-sized" files do not print well.

    • To download the entire album, click on the down arrow next to the heart on the right hand side of the screen, under your header photo. Once you start the download you will see a notice WE'RE PREPARING YOUR PHOTOS. ​Once this is done you will see YOUR PHOTOS ARE READY TO DOWNLOAD. Simply click on the link to the zip file(s) and you can save this off to your computer or flash drive and you will have all your photos saved. 

    • You also have the option to download photos individually.

  • Order an album - One of the many benefits of TMT Weddings is that you have all the original size files for your photographs.  Use the link to your Pixieset album to download all of your high-resolution photos.  You will use these files to order prints and albums from anywhere you would like.  With that in mind, remember that different places have different levels of quality. Be careful printing from a retail location where you pick up your prints at the store as quality is some times compromised.  Here are some professional printing companies that we have used and think you will love. We don’t have any affiliation with these companies, but here are a few that we recommend:

    • Nations Photo Lab is a very easy-to-use service, with pricing and printing options clearly displayed.  We love their "Album 99."
    • mPix Professional Printing Labs offers one of our favorites, the "Modern Layflat Album." It’s a perfect way to showcase your memories.  And with 3 different sizes, you can do parent albums too.  Great Christmas or Thank You gift!

    • You can also order prints directly from your Pixieset album to enjoy beautiful, professionally printed photos delivered right from your album to your door.  We will also send you some discount codes you can use at checkout for added savings, our gift to you!


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If you have Photography services with us, your final, edited videos are delivered in your Pixieset Album. If you do not have photo services with us, your edited videos are delivered via YouTube and direct download links. With these links, you can:

  • Share - Send these links to all of your family and friends so they can see your beautiful videos! You can even post these links on social media.  Don't forget to tag us!​

  • Download your Edited Videos - We highly recommend that you download your videos right away.  You can save them to your hard drive, a cloud storage account, or a flash drive.  We don't have plans to delete your edited video(s) anytime soon, but it's always best to have your own copy of these precious memories! 

    • The easiest way to download your video(s) is to open the direct download links in the email you received with your video delivery. This will take you to a DropBox link and you can easily save this to your computer. 
      NOTE: You will not have the option to download from a phone, this must be done from a PC or Mac.

Raw Video Folder

All our video packages include RAW video footage. You will receive a link to the folder containing all your RAW footage in DropBox.


  • Download your RAW video clips - We will deliver all the RAW video files that your videographer captured for you. These are unedited, video clips and include any on-camera audio.  If external audio was captured, there will be a separate folder with these audio files in your raw footage folder. We don't have any plans to delete these RAW files but we suggest that you download them to your computer, cloud storage, or a flash drive as soon as possible, just to be sure that you have them saved on your end.

    • The best way to download your RAW video footage so that you will have it saved is to purchase an inexpensive flash drive. These can be found on Amazon or other retailers. 128GB is most often enough space to download your RAW video footage. 

    • Once you have the flash drive, follow the link to your footage that you received in your final delivery email. 

    • To download all of your RAW video clips and Audio, click on the drop down next to the RAW folder. This will give you the option to download everything all at once. You can also download individual files if you prefer to just save particular ones.

    • Once you click Download you should see a box in the bottom right corner telling you that your files are being saved as a zip file.

    • Once the zip file has been created (this might take a little while) you will have the option to save the zip file(s). 

    • Select the correct drive and then choose Save. Once the zip file has been saved you will have a flash drive with all your files saved. When you want to view them you just click on the saved zip file and you will see the videos in that zip file.​

      This process will also work when downloading your edited highlight and social media teaser videos.


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