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What to Consider when Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Pricing | Editing style | Client Care | Professionalism | Services Offered | Timeline

~ Pricing

Yes, I know money is top of mind for you right now. So let’s touch on this first. Photography is a huge investment, but it is not something you splurge on then forget about. You want to remember your day. You want to reminisce on every moment for years and generations to come. So I challenge you to look at it as a lifelong and meaningful investment, while staying true to yourself and what you think your wedding day is worth! At TMT we have put together packages to meet the needs and budgets for many different weddings. However, if you do not find a package that you feel fits your needs/budget we are happy to help customize a package so you get what you want for your budget. You should be able to look back on these cherished memories with a full heart and not look back with regrets.

~ Editing style

Your photos should make you feel incredible about yourself and the priceless moments that were captured. You should also feel like the images will retain their longevity and be forever timeless! These photos should not look like they will go out of style over the years! At TMT, we pride ourselves on our top-of-the-notch editors. They take time to make sure every photo is perfect. Our top priority is your satisfaction.

Side note, does the photographer put watermarks on their images? You definitely want to know that before you hire!!

~ Client Care

Your wedding photographer should make you feel like you are a number one priority.. From your first phone call to when you are in front of the camera you want to feel a connection with your photographer. You want to enjoy being around them because they will be with you during your entire wedding day. Additionally, you want to ensure your photographer is a professional who is able to direct you, and groups of people, during your wedding in a timely and natural manner. At TMT, we find photographers that love what they do and have a passion for not only photography, but people as well.

~ Professionalism

Your photographer needs to be professional, organized, and able to manage their time. Trust me, you will know if your photographer is professional or not in the first few conversations you have with them! At TMT, we ensure each photographer has had experience with photographing weddings. We ensure each photographer knows the deadlines and stays connected with you from the first phone call to after your wedding day. You should never feel like you have to manage your own time and your photographer’s time on your big day!

~ Services Offered

Have you looked at what other photographers include in their packages? Is everything customized to all your wants and needs? Do they offer engagement sessions? Bridals? first look sessions? You don’t want to “outsource” to other photographers for something you assumed your original wedding photographer offered. At TMT, we have packages that include all of those things in one place. Plus, we can always customize your package so you get exactly what you want for your special day.

~ Photography Timeline

Will other photographers help with the photography timeline? Knowing how much time you need for every single part of your day is HUGE! You need to know what pictures are being captured when. You need your wedding party and family to know where to be and when! How long do getting ready photos take? How long do family portraits take? Can we sneak out of the reception for 10 mins to capture sunset photos? All of this is answered in your photography timeline and you need someone who is experienced, organized, prioritized and smart when it comes to creating your UNIQUE timeline! At TMT, we have experience creating seamless timelines that ensure you are able to get all the moments in, without having to be the one directing all of the shots. You will feel at ease knowing beforehand exactly when and where you need to be to capture each moment.

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