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Getting Ready Spaces

When choosing where you’ll be getting ready on your big day make sure to choose a well lit room with minimal clutter.

~REMOVE THE CLUTTER. We recommend having bridesmaids and groomsmen put away bags and any additional unneeded items in the getting ready room before the photographer and videographer arrive.

~LIGHTING PLEASE. Photographers will LOVE a room with tons of windows and natural light! This will drastically help your photos look cleaner and more high end just by having a clean background i.e. your hair and makeup artists will thank you too for choosing a room with awesome lighting as well!

~ EVERYONE WILL WANT TO CHARGE THEIR PHONES. It may be wise to have enough outlets for everyone's phone in the prep room because—you and your wedding party will want to snap photos, check in with loved ones (or vendors), and keep busy in the hours leading up to the wedding. If the room is short on outlets, consider bringing some power strips so that everyone's phones have enough juice to last them through the last dance.

~HEIRLOOMS READY. This was mentioned in the “Wedding Day Details” section but it is worth mentioning again, don’t forget to have your heirlooms and accessories lying ready to be photographed as well in this room. Having some extra flowers available for detail or even using your bouquet next to these items will make beautiful photos.


getting ready and other photo inspiration

Something that is sadly overlooked is having a good getting ready space! Here are some things to consider:

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