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Gift Registries

~ HOW MANY REGISTRIES SHOULD YOU HAVE? Most couples have between one and three wedding registries. Consider a versatile supersite and then from there, a couple might also register at a department store, a big box store, or other national chains. A couple might also have more niche goals for their early married life—home renovations, art purchases, major honeymoon adventures—or could be interested in supporting a charitable cause in lieu of gifts. Registry sites exist for all of these options, and couples often find that using a combination of a few is the best way to cover everything.

~ HOW SHOULD YOU SHARE YOUR REGISTRY INFORMATION? Integrate your wedding registry into your wedding website, and share the link to your wedding website on all formal communication about your wedding such as save-the-dates and wedding invitations. There is no need to share the link to your registry directly. When it comes to blasting out your registry on social media, different cultures have different takes. Some feel fine sharing at large, especially if it is customary in their community to celebrate marriages even when they won’t be attending the wedding, while others feel it’s inappropriate to share if not all followers will be invited to the wedding events. Go with your gut on this one, or take a cue from what close friends or family with similar guest lists have done in the past.

~ IS IT OKAY TO ASK FOR MONEY INSTEAD OF GIFTS? It is completely acceptable to register for cash. Consider creating specific cash funds so guests can get excited about contributing to something tangible. Many couples use this opportunity to cover honeymoon expenses—hence the rise in popularity of the honeymoon registry—but there’s no need to feel limited to that. Create a fund for round-trip airline tickets, theater tickets for two, or a just-married dinner at a favorite local restaurant.

~ SHOULD YOU BE PAYING ATTENTION TO THE COST OF ITEMS? The value of a gift is not tied to the price tag, and it’s important to give guests options they feel comfortable with. Each guest will approach your registry with a different price point in mind. Guests that want to spend more will often bundle items together to reach that goal, so it’s good to include a mix of items $50 and under, between $50 and $100, and over $100. And don’t feel self-conscious about registering for a few higher ticket items as well. Loved ones often like to join in on gifts together, and you never know who might want to spring for something extra nice.

~ IS IT OKAY TO KEEP ADDING TO YOUR REGISTRY? Your registry is an evolution. The best way to get started is to take an inventory of your home—think about what’s missing, what needs an upgrade. As wedding planning continues, it's natural to think of more ideas and to continue to add as gifts are purchased.


A wedding registry is a curated list of gifts an engaged couple creates to make the wedding gift experience easier and more guided for their wedding guests. But creating a wedding registry can be daunting.

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