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Choosing THE Dress!

~ PLAN AHEAD. Many gowns take four to eight months to be produced, and once it arrives, you still have to factor in more time for alterations and accessorizing. Keep in mind, if you’re having a long engagement and immediately start shopping for gowns, the one you end up buying might be out of style by the time your wedding comes around, or you might find one you like even better closer to the date.

~ KNOW YOUR THEME BEFOREHAND. Before you start dress shopping, decide whether you want a casual garden-party-themed wedding or a formal, romantic affair. Always keep the venue and theme in mind as you browse gowns, because the last thing you want is for your dress to clash with your overall wedding style.

~ MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. In most bridal stores, the dresses aren't displayed in a way where you can just leaf through them and browse on your own, the way you can in other retail stores. You'll need an appointment so a consultant can help you select dresses and try them on.

~ SHOP TRUE TO YOUR SIZE. Even if you plan on losing weight before the big day, shop for dresses in your current size rather than going smaller. It’s much easier to take a dress in than trying to work with one that’s way too snug.

~ START INEXPENSIVE. Make your first appointment with the least-expensive bridal shop and keep scaling up if you don't find anything. Same goes for trying on dresses during your appointments—try on the most affordable one first, and work your way up to the bank-breaker. You may fall in love before then.

~ PICK YOUR SILHOUETTE. Your ideal gown's shape is partly based on the style you like, the venue, and mood of your wedding, and also what flatters your body most. A fit-and-flare is both contemporary and traditional and works on many body types, whereas a simple sheath is best on tall, willowy brides. A voluminous ball gown adds drama, but can overwhelm a petite frame. Mermaid styles show off curves like your favorite pencil skirt.

~ POSE FOR PHOTOS IN VARIOUS ANGLES. For a true testament to how you’ll look in your wedding dress on the big day, have a friend or family member take pictures and videos of you while trying dresses on. Make sure that they capture all angles of each dress you're considering, from the back and sides to shots of you sitting down in the gown from the top up.

~ BE PREPARED TO TRY ON A LOT OF GOWNS. Unfortunately, unless you're really lucky, the first wedding gown you try on probably isn’t going to be "the one”. Don’t get frustrated if you’ve tried on dress after dress to no avail. Stay patient and keep an open mind until you’re sure you’ve tried on the perfect dress. It might even take multiple shopping trips until you're fully 100 percent sure.

~ STAY TRUE TO WHAT YOU LOVE. It's easy, especially for people-pleasing brides, to bend in the moment to what gown your mom, sister, or maid-of-honor loves on you. But it's crucial that you go with what you love and what feels like your dream dress, regardless of other people's expectations.

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