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Don't forget the Guys!

~GETTING READY LOCATION. When choosing a getting ready location for the guys, it is best to find a location that is full of natural light and not too small, so that the guys have plenty of room to hang out and get ready together. If there is an unused room at your wedding venue or a light-filled lobby at the hotel where the girls are getting ready, we can always photograph the groom putting on his finishing touches in one of those locations instead of a standard hotel room. The groom and his groomsmen (or just the groom) can meet the photographer or second shooter at a more photogenic location prior to the ceremony or First Look for some quick detail / getting ready photos – and the getting ready photos will blend in much better with the rest of your wedding photos this way!

~ TIMING. The groom & groomsmen should plan to have their shirts and pants on when the photographer arrives. All shaving and showers should be done by this point and everyone should be pretty much ready to rock and roll!

~ DETAILS. If you are doing complete details shots with both the bride and groom details, send all groom detail items with the bride so the photographer can do the groom detail shots while the girls are getting ready. If getting ready locations aren't very close to each other and you don't have a second shooter, keep the groom's detail items with him and the photographer can capture them separately. Groom details generally include:

Shoes – yes, even if they are rental shoes!
Fun socks (if applicable)
Pocket Square
Anything sentimental being used on the wedding day

~TIDY. Try to keep the area near the windows and the room as clutter-free as possible. I know it can be hard in a small hotel room, but even hiding luggage and bags under the bed or in the closet will help create a clutter-free environment to grab those getting ready photos!

~ POCKETS. Empty your pockets! This applies to the groom and groomsmen. If you must carry your wallet, cell phone, etc. with you on the wedding day, tuck them into your back pockets or inside your jacket liner. This will ensure that there are no unsightly bulges in your photos.

~ EAT BREAKFAST. Make sure to eat something before getting dressed! Arranging to have a platter of sandwiches or something delivered to wherever you are all getting ready is a really important thing to remember since you most likely won’t have another chance to eat until dinner time.


wedding photo inspiration

Oftentime the Groom & Groomsmen never really know what to expect when it comes to the “getting ready” photos on the wedding day. Let's help them out shall we!

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