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Wedding Day Details

~ STATIONARY. Your invitation and stationery helps to set at the entire mood for your day. I myself swooooon at gorgeous stationery. If you don’t want to hang onto yours, at least you will have a photo of it to remember.

~ FAMILY HEIRLOOMS. Heirlooms are things like your grandpa's watch that he gifted to you or your mothers earrings that she wore on her own wedding day. These pieces are timeless and of course deserve to be captured. Have these set aside for your photographer so that he/she can capture these special items before they are worn. ⁣

~ ACCESSORIES. Accessories are the details that bring everything together. Brides jewelry pieces and the groom's cufflinks and tie are all small details, when captured just right, bring everything together into a stunning portrait! Have all accessories sitting out for your photographer in your getting ready space. For a bonus, ask your florist for some extra blooms for detailed photos! It creates extra luxurious photos and ties in your florals throughout the day.


Let’s chat about wedding day details. Your wedding day is more than just the venue, photographer, and music. It’s the smallest details that really make it all come together.

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