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Give me ALL the Flowers!

In contemplating the various needs for wedding flowers, you might consider how many flowers you need, who they are for, and if you want flowers for the ceremony and reception itself. As you research wedding flowers that fit the overall theme and design of your big day, putting together a quick list of wedding flowers you are interested in will help guide you and your wedding florist in making final decisions.

~ CREATE A WEDDING FLOWER LIST. A wedding flower list will help focus your flower discussions and help you stay within your floral budget. Having a general checklist is a good first start. It is best to consider the following wedding flowers as a general guide rather than a must-have. In addition to this list of wedding flowers, you may also wish to add corsages or boutonnieres for other wedding guests that are special to the bride and the groom.

Bridal bouquet
Flowers for bride's hair
Bridesmaid's bouquets
Different bouquet for the maid of honor
Flower girl headpiece
Flower girl basket decorations
Flower girl petals to toss

Flowers to Consider: Roses, tulips and calla lilies are formal and appropriate choices for bridal bouquets. The bride's flowers are often more expensive and larger than those of the bridesmaids in regards to setting them apart. You may also choose to have the bridesmaid's bouquets composed of lighter colors and the bride's bouquet as fresh and vibrant. For the maid of honor, consider a different bouquet from the other bridesmaids.

Groom's boutonniere
Groomsmen's boutonnieres
Different boutonniere for best man

Flowers to Consider: Typical flowers used for the groom's and groomsmen's boutonnieres may include carnations, roses, and orchids. Similar to the bride and maid-of-honor, choosing a unique boutonniere for the best man through a different type of flower, color or size is common.

Mother of the bride corsage
Mother of the groom corsage
Stepmother corsage
Father of the groom boutonniere
Father of the bride boutonniere
Stepfather boutonniere
Grandmothers corsages
Grandfathers boutonnieres

Flowers to consider: Providing a boutonniere and corsage to parents and grandparents is a formality and tradition of many weddings. Reach out to your family to consider their preference. For instance, women may prefer to have a wrist or pin corsage.

Altar, chuppah or other central arrangements
Pew or chair decorations

Flowers to consider: Roses, daisies, gardenia and more

Entryway arrangements
Centerpieces for each table
Buffet table decorations
Bar decorations
Flowers to decorate passed trays (talk to your caterer about what they'll need)
Cake decorations

Flowers to consider: For the reception, you may choose to match the ceremony flowers or go with freshly picked blooms, low centerpieces such as roses and peonies, or choose a popular choice such as Ombre flowers with the same flowers, such as hydrangeas.


need some flower inspiration?

Picking the right wedding flowers for your big day takes careful planning. We're here to help!

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