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Wedding Music Advice

Whether you’re using a DJ, a band, or just a customized playlist playing in the background, there is a list of factors you should consider. From the entrance into the ceremony, all the way to the last dance; it is important to decide on your style of music, and which tracks you will like to get married to.

~ASK FOR RECOMMENDATIONS. It would help to talk to friends and family for recommendations on DJs and bands that they have used in the past. Family members who recently had or attended an amazing wedding would have an idea or two. There’s nothing like personal reviews to set you in the right direction. This way you wouldn’t be using a stranger; and you would know what to expect going forward with the recommended band or DJ service. Sometimes talking with others and hearing their opinions would even remind you of music that you have overlooked or would be great for your selection. It would be nice to get songs that not only mean something to you and your significant other, but also mean something to your friends and family.

~ LISTEN TO THEM FIRST. While recommendations and good reviews go a long way in vetting your musicians, it is also important that you try them out yourself first. Your taste and style might not be the same as the person who referred them. Take your time and listen to the DJ or band before you sign them. If you are using a band, make it a date night and go see them perform live. Talk with the band about what instruments they would use for your wedding.You do not want any assumptions or disappointments on your big day.

~ CHECK OUT THE ACOUSTICS. The setup of your venue will determine the type of music that is right for your wedding. If you’re having a classy wedding at a castle-like location, you might not want to hire a DJ. For this type of location you could consider a violinist or other string instruments. At the same time, if you’re having a beach wedding you would need music that wouldn’t be drowned out by the sound of the waves and that works with the ambiance you are trying to create. So, consider your venue, your theme and how the acoustics will work for the type of music you are choosing. Are there noise restrictions at this location, or does the venue come with its own band and speakers? All of these are factors that should be considered as well.

~ PLAN FOR OVERTIME. Depending on how long your wedding is; it might be important for you to consider overtime. Have in mind that the whole event could spill over the original timeline. If you need your band or DJ for four hours, consider booking them for an hour or two longer. You could also ask them what the fee would be if you needed them to stay longer. It is important to get ahead of any probable unforeseen circumstances at your event, and this is a way of handling one probability.

~ CONTRACT DETAILS. As with all details of your wedding planning, make sure you have everything in writing. Not only because anything can go wrong, but also because you don’t want to miss anything. This will also show the musicians that you are taking this seriously. Decide on your total price, have the venue, time and names of performers, all included in the contract. Include any expenses for transportation, backup plan if anything goes wrong, minimum deposit and cost for overtime. This way nothing goes over your head and you know exactly what you are getting into.

~ CHOOSE WITH YOUR PERSONALITY IN MIND. When you’re choosing songs needed for a wedding, choose music that has personality and if possible means a lot to you. Get that list of songs you really like and see which would work with each step of your big day. Frank Sinatra comes to mind for entrance music, perhaps even for the exit. A father daughter dance would be great with “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder playing in the background. “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles is a great song for a first dance, and perhaps even “Sucker” by the Jonas Brothers for the last dance if you enjoy that type of music. Let the music speak to you, and your guests, but most importantly, have fun with it. The type of songs you need for the wedding ceremony are different from those you'll want at the wedding reception. For the ceremony you could do with mellow music, but for the reception you would need songs to pick you up, and lead you as well as your guests to the dance floor. Choose the type of music that will ensure you have a great time no matter what.

~ BURN YOUR MUSIC PLAYLIST. Have you gotten the complete list of songs for your big day? Then get a blank CD and burn that list onto it. If you do not have the time to do this on your own, then give the DJ the list, however make sure to check it afterwards. Burn more than one if possible, just in case. This is one way to ensure that you have the right music playing at every point in time, and that nothing can go so wrong as to make the music stop. If possible, have the playlist on your phone as a backup for your backup. There is no room for messes in this all too important event of your life. Also, having this CD makes life easier for everyone involved in your music selection for the event. Your musicians will not skip a beat if they have this selection easily on hand. Every song is on cue, and can play without much supervision.


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One key aspect of your big day is the music. The music will set the tone for your wedding.

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