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Wedding Coordinator vs Wedding Planner?

HIRE A WEDDING COORDINATOR IF you and your significant other are energized by making lists and checking things off. You feel ready to do some research, tour venues, and are willing to say “no” to the things that just aren’t you. A wedding coordinator gives you a helping hand in getting the boxes on your lists checked off. Hire a wedding coordinator about one month before your big day so they can ensure everything that you have planned is fully carried out how you wanted it to be. Then, you can sit back and enjoy the time leading up to your day without the hassle of making sure everything is getting done.

HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER IF you feel overwhelmed at the daunting to-do list that seems to never end. A wedding planner can truly help you when you can’t see the trees for the forest! Wedding planning can be a deep and dark place with lots of looming decisions, and a planner does so much more than just PLAN.


~ ALLOW YOU TO HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE OF PLANNING YOUR EVENT. Planning can be stressful! You deserve to be able to sit back, relax & focus on work and home life. When you hire a wedding planner, there is someone else to help you coordinate the elements & vendors, to track your planning progress, and to usher you through to the next phase.

~ARE THE GO-TO PERSON ON THE WEDDING DAY so you don’t have to make any more decisions.
A planner or coordinator is there to field any last-minute questions from vendors, the venue, or guests. Allowing you to enjoy the evening with friends and family!

~STICK TO YOUR TIMELINE and make sure you enjoy every moment. A coordinator or planner is key to helping your day stay on schedule. From pictures, to set up, to walking down the aisle and partying the night away. It’s their job to work with the venue staff and vendors to keep your event running flawlessly and on time!


~BRINGS VISION TO LIFE, making your event priceless! A wedding planner can help you discover your couple-style so your wedding reflects you and your soon to be spouse’s values. They can bring to life a budding idea in a practical way, and can help visualize your event space to maximize all of its best features!

~HELP YOU SAVE MONEY. While we aren’t magicians that can help you grow money on trees, you still totally deserve to get the BEST for your budget. A wedding planner can help you understand a vendor’s costs, so you are spending your money wisely! They can help guide you through any budgeting fiasco and help you focus on what’s really important to you.


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Should you hire a wedding planner? How do you know you need a planner and not just a coordinator?

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