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engagement session posing

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Engagement Sessions are a very important piece of what we offer to couples as they are planning their wedding.

The engagement session is a great way for you to get to know the client and for them to get to know and feel comfortable with you BEFORE the wedding day. This time to develop that relationship is vital. 

That being said, many of our clients need help when it comes to posing during the engagement session. Many of them aren't completely comfortable in front of the camera and need a lot of coaching in this regard.

This page is here for you as a guide to learn more about posing, specifically for engagement sessions since there are less props and other people involved that offer more variety. We can't just tell them to stand and smile and expect them to love their photos.

Here are some sample albums, shot by our team, that will give you some ideas of poses you might want to try.


Here are some links to additional resources that you might find helpful when preparing for an engagement shoot or working to enhance your skills as a photographer. There are links to posts, a helpful app option (although I am sure there are many others) and video tutorials. If you have any other tips tricks or great resources that you've found helpful please feel free to share.


A photographer’s guide to poses for effortlessly beautiful wedding photos.


Helpful posing app with lots of great features to help you plan out a shoot.

posing video


How to get a real smile during a photo shoot, with fun poses for your couples during an engagement session. 



Engagement photo types. These are good to incorporate into every engagement shoot you do so the client gets a wide variety of shots.

dating divas


101 Tips & Ideas for Couples Photography 

expert photography


Photographers Guide to Couples Posing

Be sure to reference our team page at for helpful information on how to upload, how many photos we promise to deliver as well as other TMT specific info. And of course feel free to reach out with any questions that you have!
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