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We're so glad you are a part of our team!  Please reach out  at any time with suggestions or questions!


Click the above button to go to the login site for our Team Portal.  You'll find all of the details about weddings open for bids, your booked weddings, media upload links and  invoice submittal.
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Book & Assign

book & assign

  • Wedding Guide - Clients receive this during the booking process. Shanna & Becca will handle all of the marketing, sales, invoices, contracts, and payments. 

  • How it works - When we book a new client, Becca enters a bid range for that project.  These open jobs will show up in your portal under the Photo Jobs for Bid or Video Jobs for Bid lists. As jobs are booked we generally add them to the open jobs lists unless they are quite a ways out. Jobs are usually left open for 1 week so if you check the open bid list once or twice a week you should see all the available jobs. You can Request Job on any jobs that you are interested in by putting in your bid and any notes you would like to share. Once the allotted time is up, Shanna will award the open projects. If the wedding is awarded to you, you will see that job show up in the Upcoming Weddings tab. You will also receive an email with the client contact info and basic details of that job. From there, you are responsible for reaching out to the client to introduce yourself and go over wedding details.

  • While the bid amount is one important consideration, weddings are assigned based on a variety of factors including responsiveness, timeliness, professionalism, good/bad reviews from clients, etc. 

  • There are several ways to improve your chances of being awarded jobs: improve your communication with brides, go out of your way to make the clients experience better, take on extra projects and help your fellow team members, show enthusiasm and kindness to your clients, etc.

  • Each project has a bid range assigned to it. We ask that you place a bid within that range. These numbers have been carefully calculated as part of every package. Please do not bid below the bid range, as we want you to receive fair compensation for your services. You can bid above the bid range if you want, but your chances of winning that wedding decrease dramatically if you do. 

  • Contact Client - within 1 week of being awarded a project, send a text or email to set up your first phone call with the client. If the wedding is coming up soon please reach out right away.

  • NOTE - Sometimes, after you are assigned a wedding, you find you are no longer available to cover that job. You are responsible for working with us to find coverage to replace you. Reach out to Becca and she can help you. 


communication is key

We use Wedding Smash as our tool to faciliate communication between the client, photographer, videographer and manager.



Communication is so important! Becca & Shanna will be in communication with the client and ask that you are reaching out and keep in touch with them as well.


Becca & Shanna will be sending Bride Tips, reminders and other helpful information to the clients. They also send the client the link to the Wedding Details Page for their wedding which will be very helpful to you in the planning process. You will also receive texts or emails from us to confirm that everything is on track for upcoming projects.

Once you are awarded a new job we ask that you reach out right away to connect with the client. The client's contact info should be in the email you receive from Wedding Smash so please save that. Use that to reach out to schedule phone or video calls, engagement sessions or whatever other communication is necessary.

photo | video


Hyper communication is KEY! 


With TMT Weddings, hyper communication with the client is required. We should never have a client  wonder why they have not heard from you. 


REACH OUT TO THE BRIDE as soon as you are awarded the wedding!


Reach out to Becca with any questions, availability status, etc. Don’t wait, be proactive!

 our style


The TMT Weddings edit is based around both a trendy and timeless look. We want our photos to be current and competitively styled, but also have lifelong lasting value for our clients. 


Any time an edit becomes too trendy, it becomes likely our clients will be unhappy with their photos either immediately or over time.  


While our contract states we will shoot and edit the day as we see fit, we still have to be consistent.  The work our clients see on our website and Instagram is what they are comparing their delivered product with. While lighting, preference, location, and clients vary greatly, we still need to make an effort to deliver what we advertise. 

See below for information on how many photos or videos are included in our packages.

For examples of our style please check out our  gallery pages: 


TMT Packages

Photo & Video Packages



  • 4 hours of photo coverage 

  • 350+ fully edited photos 

  • 4 hours of video coverage  

  • 6+ minute highlight video



  • 6 hours of photo coverage 

  • 500+ fully edited photos 

  • 6 hours of video coverage  

  • 8+ minute highlight video



  • 8 hours of photo coverage 

  • 650+ fully edited photos

  • 8 hours of video coverage  

  • 10+ minute highlight video



  • 10 hours of photo coverage

  • 750+ fully edited photos 

  • 10 hours of video coverage

  • 12+ minute highlight video

    ​If a bride adds on extra hours, each extra hour gets them 75 extra photos and 1 extra minute of video.

Additional Sessions

Engagement Session: 

  • 1 hour session at one location

  • 80+ fully edited photos


Bridal Session: 

  • 1 hour session at one location

  • 80+ fully edited photos 

  • Because bridal sessions are usually done a couple of weeks prior to the wedding, we promise brides that they will have at least 10 edited photos from the shoot to display at their reception. If possible, we’d like the whole gallery to be edited. Please be sure to upload the RAWs right away so we can get them to our editing team.


First Look Session: 

  • 1 hour session at one location

  • 80+ fully edited photos 

  • First look photos need to be edited and ready to display at the clients reception as long as a timely request is made and they are shot at least three business days before the wedding day.

 phone calls

You should make 2 phone calls for each wedding. Reach out via email or text when you are first assigned to setup an initial phone call. The second call to go over the final details of the day should happen from 2-4 weeks before the wedding.

1st Phone Call

  • Review the Wedding Details Page that the client submits in Wedding Smash before your call and take the time to update this during/after your call. If the client hasn't filled in the details you can pull it up in Wedding Smash and go through it together.

  • Topics for call:

    • Introduce yourself​.

    • Ask about their love story.

    • Schedule the engagement session (if there is one).  Add this information into the notes section in Wedding Smash or in the Wedding Details page.

    • Go over the Wedding Details page and wedding-day timeline.

      • Keep in mind that we do allow one break (1 hour max) in coverage when coverage time is 5 or omre hours.  For example, the client may reserve 6 hours and have the schedule be 2:30-9 with a 30 minute break given during dinner.  This break may be substituted by a meal provided for you by the client.

    • Find out what is most important to them.  What kind of style do they want: formal/staged,   informal/candid, or mix of both?

    • Ask them how they would prefer you to move during the ceremony.  Some couples want you to keep your distance, and others say "come in closer!"

    • Go over the shot list with them.  What do they for sure want photos and videos of?  

    • What audio do they want recorded?  

    • The client can fill in their song choices on the Wedding Details Page. If they have questions about choosing their songs, please refer them to this site:

    • Ask if there are any sensitive family situations you should be aware of.

    • Go through the clients Wedding Details Page and update / fill in important details.

2nd Phone Call


  • One month before the wedding, reach out to the client to schedule a final phone call. 

    • Confirm the location, time, and details. 

    • Prepare family photo list with client (Photographer).

    • Go through the clients Wedding Details Page and update / fill in important details. 

Phone Calls
Extra Sessions
  • Photographer will schedule this directly with the client.

  • One hour session: Upload the best 100-150 photos from the shoot to our DropBox account
    (see Upload)


  • Locations: Usually one location unless the locations are close and then we tell them we can do two. If they want to do a couple different outfits that is typically not a problem.

  • Turnaround time: We guaranteed they will have their engagement images back in 7 days but we are generally much quicker than that.

  • We've created an "Engagement Tips" page for our clients to help them prepare for their shoot with you. 


We also created an "Engagement Posing Tips" page for you as photographers that we hope you'll find helpful. 


Once you complete the shoot, upload them to our DropBox Account and submit the invoice in Smash so we know that the upload is complete. Instructions HERE

engagement session

  • Wedding Details - review, print out, take a screen shot.

    • Second shooters may only be scheduled for part of the coverage time.  Be sure to review this.  Primary shooter to inform second shooter when to be there and what they should cover.

  • Dress professionally! (business casual is the minimum)

  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before the coverage time begins.

    • If coverage time exceeds 5 hours, the client might give you a 1 hour break and will often times provide you a meal. Keep that meal break in mind when planning the timeline with your client. If they book 8 hours of coverage you will most likely be there for 9 hours total to include that 1 hour meal break. It is best to work this out with your client on your pre-wedding phone calls so you get the break you need and they get all the important moments covered.


  • Equipment Check

    • Primary shooters are required to have a backup body.

    • Sensor & lenses for dust/scratches.  Clean regularly!

    • Have plenty of batteries and empty SD cards (periodically switch out cards to safeguard against possible corruption).

  • Have fun!  Be a positive and calming force for them on what can be a stressful day. 

    • Take charge when needed (family photos, portraits of bride/groom)

    • Blend in when needed (ceremony, reception) 

    • Remember that especially with COVID, do NOT touch anyone without permission.

    • Ask how close they would like you during the ceremony.  Some couples prefer you keep your distance, and others want close-ups.

    • Smile, and ask for a smile!  Help things move along without being pushy.  Help the couple show you how happy they are! 

    • Be creative and don't take the same shot too many times.

    • Work cohesively with the other team member (if there is both photo & video). Don't fight for a spot or get in each other's way. Don't stress the couple or the other team member out. 


  • Shoot in RAW. This is required. 

  • Shoot in MANUAL MODE

  • Keep your Aperture/F-stop low (1.4-2.8) to produce a sharp subject and an out-of-focus background (portraits - F2 is ideal). 

  • Keep your ISO as low as possible to limit grainy and low quality images (portraits - shouldn't be above 600). 

  • Keep your shutter speed mid-high to maintain sharp subjects (stay above 1/250). 

  • Remember rules of composition: leading lines, rule of thirds, fill the frame, don't cut off limbs, use frames, create depth.

    Please take some time to go through our wedding photo galleries to get a clear view of our style and what we are looking for throughout the course of a wedding. We also have an engagement photo gallery that is a great place to get posing ideas.


  • Use standard color profile.  This works best with our presets for editing.

  • Do not continuously record everything.  Pick only the best moments.

  • Make sure white balance isn't too warm or too cold (always adjust this after the exposure is set).

  • Change up your angles and the movements of your shots.

  • Make sure that your focus is on your subject.

  • Remember to use your stabilizer and external recording equipment.  

  • Footage that needs to be slow motion can be shot in 60fps. In cases like Getting Ready, you can shoot it in 60fps and 24fps so that we will have variations on the footage (dynamic footages). For the vows, ceremony (or anything with a talking head),  please shoot it at 24fps as a standard. For couple's moments, these are best shot at 60fps to capture a more cinematic slow-motion. We are making a dynamic video, so footage must have variations. Also, shooting slow motion makes it less shaky and more stable.  And shooting in 24fps really helps in low light conditions. 

    Please take some time to go through our wedding video galleries to get a clear view of our style and what we are looking for throughout the course of a wedding.

*NOTE: As you know, we encourage you to use all the footage that you shoot for us at TMT to build your portfolio and promote your personal brand. We would ask that after you've shot a wedding or special session for us that you wait to post any photos or video clips from your TMT jobs until everything has been edited and delivered to the client. We don't want any confusion on the part of the client if they see highlights from their wedding on social before they have their media.

Shoot the Wedding

 shooting the wedding

Courtney&Daniel Dinner Details.JPG

Shot List

Getting Ready


detail shot of rings


dress on hanger

family members helping

matching robes

groom buttoning sleeves/jacket  

First Look or

After Ceremony

single of groom

single of bride

reaction of groom

flower/ring close-up



throw the dress



walking down the aisle

groom’s reaction


single of bride

single of groom

b/g looking at each other




first kiss

ring exchange

going down aisle together

details of decorations

Family Photos

big group

individual families



all bridal party



detail shots of food & decorations

people eating

b/g talking to guests


cake cutting (wide and close-up)

feeding each other

slow dancing

party dancing

bouquet toss



  • Backup ALL your media on your own drives right after a wedding shoot, preferably that same evening if possible to avoid corrupt SD cards.

    • Images and footage should be in 3 different places. 

    • Please keep them on your hard drive for a month after the wedding - just in case the client wanted a specific photo or they remember you recording a specific moment. 

  • Cull your images/footage - As you are doing the upload, please go in and cull the photos. The number of expected photos is listed in Wedding Smash. Since we pay the editing team per image we’d like to eliminate any throw away or duplicate shots. That being said we aren’t opposed to over delivering to our clients if there are just so many amazing shots that need to be included. If you are bringing along your own 2nd shooter you are responsible to cull and upload or work with them to do that. 

  • Upload to DropBox account  - Within 48 hours, upload your culled images or clips. 

    • Export your images at the highest possible quality setting.  

    • Photos need to be in RAW format. 

    • You will see an upload link in Wedding Smash which is where you will upload your photos / video clips. 

    • You will also see a download link where you can view the folder to verify that your upload has completed.

    • NOTE: If you are uploading files for a wedding you will see that wedding listed under the Fulfillment tab since the wedding has already happened. If you are uploading files for an engagement session you will see that job listed under the Upcoming tab.

  • Smaller batches: Depending on your internet connection, it may work best to upload in smaller batches. DropBox will not allow you to upload more then 50gb at a time so keep that in mind when you are uploading. 

  • Air Explorer: We have had a lot of luck using this for larger video files.

  • Submit your invoice: This let's us know that the media is ready to be sent to the editors. Invoices can be submitted through Wedding Smash and are processed every Wednesday. Please allow up to one week after submitting your invoice to see your payment.

Once this is done, you’re all set! The editor will edit the photos and highlight video and create a Pixieset album and YouTube link. Once the edit is complete we will send you a link to approve before final delivery to the client.

Photo Requirements

Engagement session: 80+ photos

Wedding day (4 hours): 350+ photos

Wedding day (6 hours): 500+ photos

Wedding day (8 hours): 650+ photos

Wedding day (10 hours): 750+ photos

Video Requirements

Wedding Day (4 hours): 150-200 good clips

Wedding Day (6 hours): 200-250 good clips.

Wedding Day (8 hours): 250-300 good clips​

Wedding Day (10 hours): 400-550 good clips​

                                             MAY BE SENT DIRECTLY TO THE CLIENT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

no photos or videos


RAW photos are NOT included in any of our packages. However, if a client is requesting raw photos, please let us know and we will coordinate that delivery.  

RAW video is included in our packages for our clients at no charge. We will send the client the link to the RAW video folder when delivering the other wedding media.

Team members must backup all RAWS for at least 30 days after delivery.

Edit & Deliver

 edit & deliver

  • Edit - We will send to the editing team, and they will edit all images and videos. 

  • Q&A Check - Our QA and the photographer/ videographer will both do a Q&A check and give final approval on images and videos.

  • Deliver - We will send the links to the photos (Pixieset) and videos (YouTube) to the client via email.

  • Turnaround time - We strive to have our clients their media edited and delivered to them within 30 business days. To make this possible, we ask that you have all files uploaded within one week of the wedding, sooner when possible.



TMT Weddings uses Direct Deposit as our preferred method for paying you for the contract work you do for us. Reach out with any questions about this. We will send you a direct deposit form before your first wedding. We do need a current W9 form so we can send you tax information at the end of the year.

You can submit your invoice through Wedding Smash. 

  • Extra hours 

    • If you are asked to stay for additional hours you will be compensated $75 / hr. Please notify your client that they will be charged for additional time and direct them to reach out to Becca. Notify TMT Weddings of this change within 48 hours at

  • Submit your invoice through Wedding Smash. Once you have uploaded all the footage, please use the share link to confirm that everything is there. Then go to the Fulfillment tab and click the invoice button under Invoices to Submit. Please add any notes that would be helpful for the editor. Including the file count would be very helpful.  


 equipment requirements


BODY - Full Frame DSLR or Mirrorless


LENS - Fast Prime 50 1.8-1.2, 35 1.8-1.4, a wide enough angle for big family shots 24mm, 35mm. 


OTHER - The nature of this position often requires a flash/hard light, or extremely good low light capabilities.


BODY - Minimum Resolution and FPS Standard: 1080 60fps anything above is a benefit.  DSLR, Mirrorless - Full Frame, Crop sensor, Super 35


LENS - Any lens that’s at least an F4. Something in the 2.8-1.4 area preferred for low light and DOF. (some kind of good zoom and a fast prime combo preferred)


STABILIZATION - Camera Body IBIS is not necessary, but some form of stabilization is required. Lens IS, Monopod, Tripod, Gimbal, etc. (stable enough where we don’t have to warp stabilize every clip


AUDIO - External Audio Recorder, such as the Tascam DR-05, required.

NOTE: Audio is not included in our regular packages.  If your client requests audio of the ceremony, vows, and speeches or clips of the audio edited into their highlight video and it wasn't specified in the original project specs, let Becca know and she will coordinate that with the client.


Drone will be specified in the original project bid. If you have Drone equipment you are welcome to bid on those video jobs. 

Drone equipment needs to have decent stabilization on the gimbal so footage isn't shaky. Minimum shooting quality is 1080p, 24fps. 


*Please note that it is YOUR responsibility as a 1099 contractor to make sure you have the legal licenses and permits required to shoot drone footage for TMT Weddings. Also, there are some areas that are considered no-fly zones. Even with a license, drones will not be able to take off in no-fly zones. Please review your event locations for any restrictions when you are awarded the job. Drone footage will also depend on weather conditions. Drones should not be flown in inclement weather as it can damage the equipment and disrupt the footage.


 training resources

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