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Wedding Photo List

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

You know that terrible gut wrenching feeling you get when you realize something too late? We've all experienced that awful six letter word....REGRET. Unfortunately that feeling manifests every time I look through my wedding portfolio. My media is beautiful, the memories are sweet, but many precious shots are forever lost in the blackhole of the past because my photographer did not document them. Goodbye beautiful centerpieces. Farewell musicians from our reception, Don't even get me started about our first kiss. (Insert cry emoji)

We at TMT Weddings are determined to put an end to wedding day photography regret! Going through this comprehensive list with your photographer before your big day will give you confidence and peace of mind knowing you have thought of every shot.

Any shots we missed? Leave a comment and let us know.

Here is a suggested list of shots you may want to capture:

~Pre-ceremony: Bride's gown, shoes, jewelry, Groom's shoes, watch, cuff link, accessories ~Details on the Brides gown or Groom's suit ~Bouquet/Boutonniere close up ~Bride getting ready - Candid shots of bride and bridesmaids ~Bride heading to the ceremony ~Groom getting ready - candid shots of groom and groomsmen ~Best man with rings ~Groom heading to the ceremony ~First Look (done before the ceremony, bride and groom only) ~Ceremony site - possible 2nd shooter required ~Ceremony programs ~Ceremony guests arriving ~Bride/Groom & bridal party arriving at ceremony ~Bride/Groom/Bridal Party walking down the aisle ~Musicians performing at ceremony ~Groom reacting to bride walking down the aisle ~Father giving the bride away ~Wide shot of the altar & Bride/Groom reciting their vows ~Bride & Groom exchanging vows ~First Kiss ~Bride & Groom being introduced as Husband & Wife ~Bride & Groom exiting the ceremony site ~Receiving line ~Bride & Groom in their "getaway" car ~Family Session - formal portraits ~Bride with her family - formal portraits ~Bridal Session (bride, groom and bridal party) ~Groom with his family - formal portraits ~Bride & Groom with Groom's family - formal portraits ~Bride & Groom with Bride's family - formal portraits ~Both families together - formal portraits ~Bride with her Mother/Father - formal portraits (Specify if wanting Individuals) ~Groom with his Mother/Father - formal portraits (Specify if wanting individuals) ~Flower girls & ring bearers with Bride & Groom ~Reception site - interior & exterior ~Table settings ~Menu ~Table cards ~Guest signing book ~Food stations ~Wedding favors ~Centerpieces ~Bar setup ~Wedding Party entrance ~Bride & Groom first dance ~Toasts & Speeches ~Father/Daughter dance ~Mother/Son dance ~Wedding Cake ~Cake Cutting ~Garter Toss ~Bouquet Toss ~Band/DJ ~Guests dancing ~Candid shots throughout the reception ~Other - special list


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