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Wedding Timeline

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Let's talk about your wedding timeline. Each wedding has its own unique flow and order of events. It's crucial to go over these details with your photographer and videographer. This planning beforehand will make the day go flawlessly.

Here is a suggested list that your timeline should include.

~Arrival time for Photographer

~Arrival time of Videographer

~Groom getting ready time

~Bride getting ready time

~Time for departure to ceremony

~Arrival time at ceremony location

~Ceremony start time

~Ceremony end time

~Receiving line

~Travel time to and from any additional locations

~Time for departure from ceremony location

~Formals (30 minutes of bride and groom alone)

~Family pictures

~Arrival time at reception location

~Cocktail hour

~Reception start time

~Cake cutting

~Bouquet toss

~Garter toss

~Couple exit

~Reception finish

~Photography end time

~Videography end time


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